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IT Manpower Services

From deployment of one person to formation of whole IT teams comprising of different Nationalities, Zenith Infotech can help you. We have highly refined processes to ensure that the customer gets the most suitable talent with the right blend of qualifications, experience, technical skills, and soft skills. Our IT experts work with you, under your management, and for the period desired by you, which can vary from a few weeks to many months.

Zenith Infotech works like a catalyst in creation of a good work relationship between the contracted staff and the client. This is done through proper initial briefing of staff, regular client feedback, and periodic counseling.

Our staff can help you develop e-Commerce applications using state-of-the-art tools, work with you to Administer your large Database, Design and manage your complex Wide Area Network, or maintain and enhance your Production IS applications. Our large and growing database of resumes carries a broad range of skill sets. We have conducted special training programs to impart specific skills to make our teams productive from the time they start work with the client.

Zenith Infotech Practice Areas

Zenith Infotech has established strong focus in broad areas of technology. Technologies do change frequently and as a mature service provider, we align ourselves quickly to the latest trends. Over the years these are some of the areas where Zenith Infotech has established itself by providing professional services to our clients in different markets across different customers:

1. e-Enterprise Consulting Practice

Zenith Infotech has been partnering major implementors in providing ERP solutions to corporates since it's inception. Not restricting itself to any particular ERP, it has been involved in the implementation of ERPs such as SAP, Oracle Applications, Peoplesoft, Microsoft, JDEdwards, MfgPro, BPCS and Baan.

Zenith Infotech currently also has experts working on various CRM solutions for different clients. Some of the CRM packages we can service are Siebel, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Clarify, Vantive, Remedy, Aspect and Pivotal. Another strong area for us is in Workflow, collaborative applications development, and Document Management using SharePoint.

Our expertise in technology are well demostrated in the deployment of personalisation/enterprise server products like Ariba, Broadvision, Vignette, Weblogic and Iplanet.

2. Infrastructure, Systems Administration and Database Practice

As companies become more and more IT savvy in a bid to remain competitive by utilising the latest technologies available, it's IT infrastructure keeps putting an increasing burden on resources in terms of time and manpower. This causes a loss of focus from its core line of work. To help these companies, Zenith Infotech takes on outsourcing service contracts where we have our skilled professionals on-site providing support to the existing IT infrastructure. Our IT professionals are well equipped technically to support any kind of infrastructure from LANs & WANs, mission critical systems, operations servers, etc.

We are currently doing network management support for various MNCs. Some of the larger networks carry more than 1000 nodes (routers, multiplexers, switches, firewalls, network management suites, etc.)

We are also providing services on disaster recovery management and on mission critical sites involving various Unix operating systems like Solaris, Linux, AIX, Digital Unix (Tru64), HP-UX, AT&T, AIX and database administration.

3. Wireless, Mobility and Telecomm Practice

With communication services becoming one of the hottest industries of today, Zenith Infotech has created a special division within the organisation specialising in telecommunications.

Mobility solutions are now becoming critical for all users. Our talent pool can handle Smartphone and Tablet solutions development. We offer strong skills in iOS, Android, Blackberry, Objective C, Sencha, PhoneGap etc.

We have been partnering numerous telecomm services companies in providing consultancy in billing systems and wireless communications using GPRS, GSM, CDMA, WLL etc.

Our professionals are also extensively involved in R&D on new wireless technologies like Bluetooth and WAP.

4. Silicon and Embedded Practice

Zenith Infotech is currently working on-site with numerous companies in the semiconductor industry. They are working on ASIC/DSP and Real Time software using C/C++ and Assembly language used in robotics control and target recognition, electromechanical devices, sensors, signal and image processing.

5. Horizontal Technology Practice

Zenith Infotech has always had a major focus on broad-based application development using various technologies which are client-server and web/e-commerce based.

We offer our expertise in any area from integrating the back end operations to the front end operations. We have been involved in creating B2B and B2C portals for our clients. We have experience in complex projects like e-Banking, logistics, manufacturing and government projects to simpler online retail stores.

We have been creating robust applications based on specific client requirements on various platforms like Java/EJB/J2EE, Microsoft technologies, C/C++ on windows and Unix. We have extensively used middleware like COM/DCOM, Corba, Tuxedo for ease of deployment over various environments.

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